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WOMB PORTAL: when i birthed energetic snakes to activate others & how to tap into your personal magic


In this episode, Stormy shares her experience of giving birth to energetic snakes during a retreat in Sedona. She initially thought her symptoms of bloating, back pain, and sore hips were unrelated, but a woman at the retreat pointed out that they were signs of pregnancy.

Stormy then underwent a process of energetically releasing the snakes within her womb and delivering them to the other women at the retreat for activations.

This experience opened up a new aspect of her soul mission and the power of embodiment. Stormy encourages you to trust your pains, nudges, and inspirations, and to follow their inner knowing.


  • Physical symptoms can be signs of deeper energetic processes happening within the body.

  • Tuning into the womb and listening to the body's messages can provide valuable insights and guidance.

  • There is a powerful energy shift happening on the planet, and each individual has the ability to tap into their own magic and bring it into their current life.

  • Embodiment and grounding are essential for fully experiencing and integrating spiritual gifts and knowledge.

  • Trusting one's own inner knowing and following the path that feels right is key to personal growth and transformation.


00:00 Birthing Energetic Snakes

03:15 Tuning into the Womb

06:15 Activating Others through Energetic Deliveries

08:08 Embodiment and Grounding

13:47 Tapping into Personal Magic and Soul Mission

Connect with Stormy 

Keywords: energetic snakes, womb work, retreat, activations, embodiment, soul mission, inner knowing, activations


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