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Hi, I am Stormy Sage

  • podcaster

  • spiritual guide

  • creative energizer

  • dark feminine activator

  • vibrational domino

  • shamanic energy

  • cosmic rebirther

  • portal hopper

Stormy Sage is a rising spiritual leader who masters in transformation & personal discovery. She guides women back to their original soul codes merging the seen/unseen worlds within. Logistically - she awakens your body, power, sexual energy, & turns on your fullest expression. 

Hey! I am Stormy Sage

Discover the Soul behind the Blog

Stormy Sage was birthed through a massive death and rebirth of myself. It is when I finally accepted to deepen my relationship with myself, how I saw the world, and the magic I have within.


I opened my throat, heart, and sacral chakra to embody who I am now. I have experienced extremely difficult emotional pain, sexual trauma, and felt myself not want to share my voice, body, or magic.


It is through my own liberation that I know I can help women with theirs - through the inner wisdom of the voice, body, and soul. Goddess Lilith & Mother Mary are the energies I work with to activate these parts within you. 

My Background

2024- Now

Death & Rebirth 

Stormy Sage

I was shown my soul code of Stormy Sage and underwent a complete transformation of my energy field embodying a new frequency. The connection of the body, sexual energy, shamanism, power, & self discovery are my super powers in which I help women connect to their own dark feminine energy. This allows the fullest expression of self & allows the discovery of their soul and mission. I am here to help journey one back to ones self.


Spiritual Awakening 



I awoken at the end of 2020 realizing layers of healing & transformation was needed. I discovered the holes, blocks, walls, and energy leaks of the heart that leads to physical symptoms that I saw in patients and also what I had to heal within myself. I took off on a personal self discovery journey of my own "eat, pray, love" timeline where I sold my house, quit my job, and traveled the world for a year discovering new parts of me. Within this path I found power, healing, sexuality, knowledge, protection, & full expression.



Cardiac Nurse

I worked as a professional nurse in the areas of the heart for nearly 10 years in my medical career. I worked in areas including: cardiac step down, CT ICU, pre/post op, and travel nursing.

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