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how to decide to move & why you need a summer fun list 2024


In this conversation, Stormy discusses the power of moving and how it can unlock new experiences and opportunities. She shares her personal journey of moving and the positive impact it had on her life. Stormy emphasizes the importance of listening to intuitive nudges and following the signs when it's time to make a move. She also talks about the significance of shifting identities and the freedom that comes with moving to a new place. Stormy encourages listeners to create a summer fun list and break up the monotony of routine. She concludes by urging people to not let time pass by without taking action towards their desire to move.


- Moving can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation.

- Listening to intuitive nudges and following signs can lead to positive outcomes.

- Shifting identities and embracing new experiences can bring a sense of freedom and excitement.

- Creating a summer fun list can help break up routine and add joy to daily life.

- Taking action towards desired changes is essential to avoid feeling stuck in the same place.


00:00 Introduction: The Power of Moving

03:01 Moving as a Catalyst for Growth

08:52 Listening to Intuition and Energy Exchange

13:14 Shifting Identities and Embracing Change

22:04 Taking Action Towards Desired Changes

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Keywords moving, decision-making, intuition, identity, support, summer fun, routine


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