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The Self Discovery Course is Coming


Join the waitlist for the self paced, in depth course to deepen your path to your own Self Discovery.

This course will help know your soul, explore your expression, find your purpose, tap into your creative abilities, & feel vibrant in your body.

I know what it is like to feel lost, confused, and frustrated with literally everything.

There have been many points in my life even after my first huge spiritual awakening in 2018 where nothing really felt wrong but everything didn’t feel right…


My advise to you is to what helped me - trust what you are feeling.​


It is coming up for a reason.


It is time to be curious WHY you feel this way. This the beauty of self exploration. Unfortunately, from a young age, cultural, & societal reasons, we have forgotten the way of self discovery. 


There is no shame, blame, or punishing oneself for where you are now.


The self discovery path is about uncovering the ownership, power, and magic you have within.

This path has been lost for so long. Many generations and people follow who is in front of them, copying what they see being done, where to go, what to do, how to dress, how to eat, how to move, what to do for work, how to live, down to what activities to do - rather than listening to what their SOUL is telling them. 

This path was outlined from the path I created for myself in search of something MORE, something to make me feel ALIVE, something to ignite the PASSION & PURPOSE within myself. I created this path not for you to follow, but to give you a structure to create your OWN path. Your own path begins with this new chapter of self discovery. This alone will begin to open up doors, magic, knowledge, joy, expression, excitement, happiness, and love from with you. 

If you are feeling stuck or dull with your life, relationships, job, or body you are in the right place.


This is a path to jolt your soul back to life, one step at a time.

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